Who we are, what we do, and why we’re doing this

So where to begin with this….
Firstly, this is the first proper blog i’ve written so go easy on me.

I’m Matt, i’m currently (at time of writing) 29, living in Essex. I work in Higher Education as a Senior Learning Technologist, and just finished my MBA.  I used to be a President of my Students’ Union, and a member of the NUS National Exec, but now I just run/OCR, cook lots of different food, and work. I’m a drummer in 3 bands (including a German Ompaa covers band) and find it very hard to sit still.

Kelly, my wonderful Fiancé, is a clinical research scientist working in bioanalysis. She was also a member of SU exec, and loves dance, food (that I cook) and our beautiful Labrador Holly. Kelly also LOVES to sleep, and we both love the magic of Egg chasing (Rugby for those that don’t know).

Tunisia, 2014

Basically, we both decided that life is too short, so we need to go for it. We got together in our first year at Uni (in 2005, ouch), worked together for 2 years as SU Exec, in which time Kelly’s family moved to Australia (mine moved to UAE not long after, yes we feel abandoned). We’ve both had major losses in our family, and we’ve had enough of living to work, so now it’s time to live to, well, live!

We got engaged in New York on our 10 year anniversary (I know, I took my time) and fully decided at that point we needed to see the world. So we have now committed our savings to doing just that. We’re planning a full year away, visiting countries around the world we’ve always wanted to see.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 23.13.22
Where we got engaged. Strawberry fields, Central Park, NYC

So the route. We are starting in India, and finishing up over Diwali in Mumbai, then onto SE Asia. A fairly unplanned 3 months later we leave from Phuket and head to New Zealand where we’ve got a camper booked. Following that, we fly to Nadi in Fiji for 3 weeks, then 6 weeks in Australia (to see Kelly’s parents for the first time in years), 2 months spread over Indonesia and Malaysia, and finishing off in the Phillipines. Expect further blog posts about route planning, spreadsheets (yes, spreadsheets), and thoughts on the route before we set off.

What can you expect from this blog? Well, obviously our experiences of every country. I’ll be dividing posts by country, and throwing some curve balls in there about food specifically. Alongside this, a bunch of photos I take along the way (I take everything on an iPhone 6 and edit all on my phone) and hopefully some interesting tales to tell!



12 thoughts on “Who we are, what we do, and why we’re doing this

      1. Annoyingly I’m up in Towcester that day with the boss. But would love to see you for a drink or few before you go away! Quite flex usually, so let me know when you’re next down this way 🙂 x


  1. Wow. So many commonalities. In 29, too, and my fiancé and I quit our cushion jobs because we agree life is too short. We all know someone who is battling cancer and other diseases and decided the cube life wasn’t all that interesting. Hopefully we can meet up if we’re ever in the same city !!


      1. We left Los Angeles and went up the entire west coast to Vancouver, flew to Montreal, then London, went up to central Uk, jumped to Amsterdam and are now in Paris and ruffec Until October 20. Thinking Barcelona might be next.


      2. Barca is a great city! If you’re doing Europe I strongly recommend a period of time hopping around Greek islands. Corfu and santorini in particular. Also highly recommend some more off piste places like Ljubljana in Slovenia

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  2. Maryam

    Don’t worry there will be a 2nd chance in 10 years time when turning 40 but for now stick to the plan and don’t miss out anything.
    Very exciting…..


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