Let the packing commence!

So this is the first time I’ve not worked since I was twelve years old (yes I am including a paper round in that), and instead of work my life is replaced with putting stuff in boxes. Oh the joy.

We’ve both been very fortunate to be living in my parents house the past four years, but now my sister and mum have moved home to enable Georgie (little sister) to get a job, pass her diving test, and actually see universities properly rather than by virtual tour. Regardless of this , we are packing up our lives into a plethora of boxes and sticking them in the loft,  effectively removing our existence from the home and humanity as we know it.

It’s quite an odd feeling doing this, especially as I’m not actually moving into another property. This all feels very similar to moving house during Uni days, but this time we have no f****** idea what’s actually coming around the corner.

Although we’ve been rather conservative on the purchasing front whilst living here, we still have a HUUUUGE amount of stuff, especially clothes. The next time Pinky (my new nickname for Kelly since rebelling against adulthood and dying her whole head a cocophony of colours) says she has no clothes, I’ll remind her of the 4 suitcases filled with her clothes currently residing in my loft! I should say, I’m not much better. Then there’s all the kitchen stuff, my array of instruments, my vinyl, gaming systems, movies, various bits of my photography printed onto canvas; you get the idea. Basically, if you’re gonna do similar and go away, start packing EARLY

The truly weird thing at the moment is the mix of emotions that come with the whole process. It definitely hasn’t actually sunk in that this time next week I’ll be walking around India, at the start of a 330day  adventure of a lifetime. It definitely didn’t seem real saying goodbye to all my amazing colleagues last week either, and to be honest it probably won’t until I’m dropping our pooch off at her foster parents house on Monday, which I am absolutely dreading to be honest. Fortunately, she’s staying with some amazing people who I’m truly honoured to call such good friends. Hannah, Emily, Harry and John, I can’t thank you enough for taking on Holly.

I’ve taken a break from packing up the world to have a pint and watch my sister work (HA). I’ll miss such good beer for sure! I very much doubt I’ll be drinking beautiful hoppy pale ales in India and south east Asia

Next stop is the actual packing of our backpacks! We’ve planned to get everything ready and at least packed on the first iteration by the Sunday before we go, but at this rate I have no idea if this will happen. We both did a dry run ahead of a family holiday in July , and we both had very light bags which was ace, but since then we’ve both bought way more than we had then, so I am a little worried to say the least. 

Right, back to it!

One thought on “Let the packing commence!

  1. Angie Sweeney

    Can’t believe you are leaving in 6 days !! So happy to be able to follow you on this blog. Thanks Kelly for signing us up. Will miss the bi-weekly skyping so this is really great to have. Will look forward to reading it whenever it arrives.
    We hope you have a wonderful, fantastic, enjoyable and safe adventure and can’t wait till your arrival here in March/April 2017 xoxo


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