Life Admin- reaffirming being an adult is overrated

So as we reach the 2 month mark until we depart for our year away, the dreaded life admin is really ramping up. This past few weeks has involved sorting out the more mundane bits for the trip (VISA’s etc), but has really focussed around the REALLY DULL life admin stuff.

It’s weird when it’s day to day activity, but as soon as you have to finalise, close, re-arrange or fundamentally change something that’s just happened, you realise how much dull stuff goes on day to day.

Kelly and I made a list or two (I know, not a major shock there) that consisted of some of the following (not by any means an exhaustive list:-

Sort money in joint account for Holly pet insurance
Declare Beetle SORN and cancel tax & insurance
Sort out Mini- termination of contract and give-back car date.
Get international drivers licence
Notify banks of travel
Get second travel money card
Pack up personal effects in the house
Car Storage for Beetle
Cancel phone contracts, move to PAYG
Pay off campervan for NZ
Cancel standing orders/ direct debits (savings, phone contracts, charity donations, wine account, insurances)
Set up standing order for ISA

Then I remembered all the REALLY dull stuff, like sort out tax situation (pretty sure i’m due a rebate, that’ll be handy), stuff with premium bonds, other random insurances (cancelling some, taking some out, yadadadadada), setting up online accounts for those ancient systems that aren’t needed, scanning EVERYTHING that might be, clearing down space for cloud storage so I can backup photos, figuring out how much I need in a bank account to cover costs for said cloud storage etc. It’s just all so DULL! And to top it all off my lovely Mini has just fallen out of warranty, stuff is going wrong, and things need replacing (tyres, brakes, that kinda stuff). It’s fine, I didn’t want that £1000 anyway really…

It may be expensive, but I bloody love it and will miss it when it’s gone.

The Dreaded VISA

Kel and I have been super organised with this whole trip, from the planning of routes, the budgeting, the timings, vaccines, everything! VISA’s aren’t something I’ve had to deal with before really, as the travel i’ve done in the past only really extended to either free VISA’s, or periods of time so short they didn’t need one (or in Europe, was nice while it lasted). But this trip has thrown a couple of curve balls….

For example, India allows a 30 day VISA for tourism. That’s cool, but we’re for 38 days (remember kids, plan, plan, and plan again). Therefore we need to both pay £100 each for our 5 weeks there. That can be dealt with, but is a bit of a pain.

Thailand is rather interesting as well. They offer a 15day VISA waiver if you go in overland, and 30 by plane. Again, we’re there for over 30 days (nearer 60 in the end) so have to get a a different VISA. This is fine again, but it’s causing issues on our route. We’ve been trying to ensure we can squeeze in Laos as so many people have said it’s one you can’t miss, but with our timings around Xmas, where we’ll be in SE Asia at what times, our general route, and the cost of flights from Laos to Bangkok, it looks like we’re gonna have to miss it. Such a shame, and in the main driven by VISA issues. LONG!

Packing our life away

We are both quite fortune to be coming back to (hopefully) a place to live, or at least some wonderful friends who will put us up for a bit of time. Fortunately as well, we are able to pack up our stuff and store it. Regardless how little stuff you think you have, it’s WAY more when you are looking to pack up! All the clothes, technology based things, VINYL, cooking things, books, DVD’s, musical instruments, etc etc etc. It all adds up! Looks like i’m booking every Friday off until we go just to pack up our lives. How depressing…

Genuinely feel like this is gonna be my life soon….

Moral of the story

Don’t forget, or put off the boring stuff. Think about it early. Some stuff you’ll have to leave till just before you go, but at least try and think about it a little in advance. We did, and still don’t feel like we’ve left enough time!

On the plus side, it won’t be long till my biggest life admin worries consist of the following*

  • What street food vendor should I sample today?
  • Should we have another drink?
  • Do we REALLLY wanna move on yet?
  • Should I go snorkelling or lie on the beach a bit longer?
  • Bus or Train?


*Obviously I’m not naïve enough to think there won’t be plenty of life admin when we’re away, but i’m living in denial for a little longer.



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