Thinking about the important stuff

So one of the things that became really apparent during this planning session, was to define what was really important to the two of us. We’ve both been rather fortunate and seen some amazing parts of the world. My Family moved to the UAE in 2013, and Kelly’s parents moved to Australia in 2009, so we’ve had a few holidays overseas to see them all. But on the flip side of the places we’ve seen, we’ve realised what we really aren’t bothered about doing or seeing.


Kelly and I live a nice life. Not opulent, excessive or anything like that, but we live in the countryside surrounded by beautiful scenery and amazing landscapes, which we both adore, so that was really important to us. When researching places to visit, we really considered the type of outdoor activity we’d want to do, things we’d want to see, and most importantly, the experiences we’d want to remember for the rest of our lives. This didn’t just lead us to specific countries, but regions and activities in countries.


One thing that really was a deciding factor for both of us was food. WE LOVE FOOD! I spent my teenage years working at some phenomenal restaurants around the Essex/Suffolk boarder, which completely changed my outlook on food and drink. Kelly fortunately likes the stuff I cook and experiment with. Food has always been a factor for us when going overseas on previous trips, and normally tends to be a thing we really talk about whilst chatting to mates upon our return.


For this trip, we’ve genuinely had half of it guided by the wonderful Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Oddssey (absolutely amazing book, but also a great TV show). In fact, this show was probably one of the critical things that made us take the plunge and start planning a trip!  Because of this, we decided to take the plunge and start with India, an area of the world i’ve always wanted to visit, and I can’t WAIT!

So that was the start of our planning: deciding what kind of place we wanted to see. Then we went on to proper planning!

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